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Tucker Law Firm: A Law Office Serving The State of Georgia

 The Tucker Law Firm includes a team of exceptional attorneys and trial lawyers with combined experiences totaling over 30 years,  We are a law firm based in Atlanta Georgia offering dependable services at affordable rates. Our  three specialty areas include Criminal defense, Personal injury and Bankruptcy law.

We help our clients navigate the complexity of legal matters and life adjustments with clear strategic plans of action. We do everything we can to get to the heart of each and every matter to confront any underlying issue that is affecting your situation. When you need legal advice or representation, you can count on our firm to provide quality consultation, representation, and personal service.



We know that finding the right attorney and paying for legal services can be a difficult and time consuming task.   We offer easy and affordable payment plans without a credit check.   


Our Winning Team

Our staff includes Former Judges, Former Prosecutors, Bilingual Attorneys, and Business Executives- our team strategy provides each client with the best possible representation and gives each client the time and strategic planning each case deserves.  We work collaboratively to reject bad plea deals, seek better deals, and refuse to accept anything less than the best for our clients

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